Author: RAisWAR

My name is Dan. Other names I go by include RAisWAR and Dmclaney. Mostly, however, it’s just simply Dan. Hey, I’m used to it… I am a husband, father, and member of the workforce. I am also an aspiring writer, a part-time artist, a general observer, a wannabe musician, a confused poet, and a bumbling philosopher. I am a jumbled mess of emotions, opinions, and differing ideas. I ramble an awful lot about a ton of different things and sometimes make a point.


Life should come with a screensaver. A calm series of rotating stock photos laid over the backs of our eyes whenever we feel the need to escape the horrors of our own reality.

A small dock could be installed behind the back of our ear for uploading our own images, or perhaps a wireless hard drive allowing the capture of anything we see with a quick, double blink. We could tune out and daydream and the reverse imagery of our choosing play across our dull, open eyes keying friends and significant others in on the moment we stopped paying attention to them. Eventually, we would get Youtube, Instagram, and VOD.

We stare at our phones while walking our dogs and waiting on the traffic light to turn green, and some call us zombies. Imagine how we will look standing in line at the DMV, slack-jawed and eyes flickering, only moving forward after our number pops into our field of vision via Eye-IM.